Along these lines, he played brand new part of a dad profile having Korra

Along these lines, he played brand new part of a dad profile having Korra

Along these lines, he played brand new part of a dad profile having Korra


No matter if the relationships because the beginner and you will teacher started off improperly, Korra it’s thinks you to definitely Tenzin are a remarkable airbender and you will good higher professor. His teachings has helped Korra by way of the lady struggles and also taught the girl worthwhile sessions, instance how-to dodge periods in the pro-twisting ring. [30] Tenzin reassured their one to she you can expect to simply tell him one thing, that Korra accepted their fears regarding Amon, crying inside the fingers as he comfortable their shortly after this lady scary come upon towards the Equalists’ frontrunner. [17] Immediately after studying you to she got missing her twisting, Tenzin try quick so you’re able to morale and you can service the lady owing to soothing comments including: “Your spared Republic Area”, to which Korra set their hands towards his. [6]

Half a year later on, the relationship grabbed a turn on the worse, which have Korra increasing uninterested in airbending habit, trusting to own manage it, even after Tenzin’s viewpoint you to definitely she however must learn real airbending in lieu of Korra-build airbending. Through to reading you to definitely Tenzin is partly accountable for her seclusion growing up, they attained a busting area, Korra choosing to take Unalaq’s provide as their professor, feeling she and you can Tenzin choose to go as much as they might with her. [1]

Days later on, Korra met Tenzin with his family unit members from the Eastern Air Forehead, and even though its departure was not regarding the most useful things, she is passionately received by the family unit members. Immediately after she informed them about current improvements of your own H2o Group Municipal War, from which they knew little about, Tenzin readily recognized Korra’s need help to go into the Heart Globe. Once a dark spirit attack, Tenzin regretted not being able to aid her spiritually, noting Unalaq’s teachings had indeed gotten this lady somewhere as she is in a position to purify the fresh dark spirits. However, Korra quickly hoping him you to Unalaq taught her to help himself, as he got coached the girl to help the woman. She apologized in order to Tenzin on her behalf earlier treatment of him, recognizing you to she must have never turned into the lady right back to your him as the the lady mentor and admitting you to definitely she requisite him more than previously. That have resigned its distinctions, the 2 mutual an embrace. [16]

Tenzin are amazed abreast of studying one to Unalaq got cut Korra’s relationship that have Raava and all this lady past lifetime, yet he nonetheless made an effort to unit the brand new depressed Korra, providing the lady the information and knowledge from hooking up on the cosmic energies of the new world so you’re able to beat Vaatu. Whenever Korra’s heart returned to the woman system and the Avatar Course try revived, Tenzin praised this lady, saying that “[she is] amazing”. [4]

Months later on, Tenzin eagerly entered Korra on her objective so you can reconstruct the air Nomads. Immediately after training you to definitely Hou-Ting, the planet King, is actually abducting airbenders and you will conscripting him or her for the a key military, Tenzin assisted Korra breasts her or him away. Both, with the rest regarding Class Avatar, was in fact effective inside doing so and you may fled Ba Play Se having the airbenders. Tenzin hoping the woman you to she got congratulations before the a few accepted and you can parted means, that have Korra proceeded her lookup out of airbenders and you can Tenzin oriented to help you the latest North Sky Temple to begin knowledge. Later on, Tenzin and you can Korra conveyed along through the broadcast. Korra gave Tenzin advice on simple tips to inspire this new unmotivated airbenders, and this satisfied the dog owner and you will motivated him to enhance their while the a smart Avatar. [44]

Tenzin’s students

Ikki, Meelo, and you may Jinora was basically friendly towards Korra. They seemed genuinely happier whenever she decided to stick with her or him. [5] Later, it really made an effort to provide good information so you can Korra when she try attempting to incorporate the woman method from the airbender doors. [30] Ikki and you will Jinora were also some of your first anyone Korra spoke so you’re able to on the woman smash towards Mako, as well as both made an effort to bring their finest advice about this lady condition. [18]

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